We are very excited to welcome you to our third THATCamp Caribe! Our first one in Puerto Rico began a conversation that reverberates throughout the Caribbean today. Our second one in Cuba proved to be an invaluable learning experience for all of us. This year we are partnering with The 36th Annual West Indian Literature Conference (WILITCONF) to welcome you to The University of the West Indies in Trinidad & Tobago for a full day of shared conversation and learning on October 3. One that we hope will bring us even closer together!

This THATCamp is free to register and attend. You can think of a THATCamp as an “unconference,” where we can discuss issues related to the intersections of technology, cultural heritage, history, research, art and the humanities in general in an informal environment. Please visit our About page to learn more about this event and how to get involved right away.

We expect to combine discussion with workshops and a wikipedia collective writing session, but it all depends on you telling us what you want to do! A THATCamp is usually organized in the month prior to the event, and the first hour of the day, once we have all your ideas. To sign up, go to our registration page, and as soon as you do, write a small post for us telling us what you would like to discuss on October 3!